Spider Veins Treatment Lexington KY

What Causes Spider Veins?

If you recently gave birth to a baby, or you lost a lot of bodyweights, then you will notice some changes in your body. You will start seeing stretch marks, cellulite, but also, you will notice that your veins are more visible than ever, and they look like they are scattered all over the place. This problem is caused because the body goes through so many changes, and eventually it has to sacrifice some things in order for other things to work. In places where the skin is the thinnest, we have the presence of varicose veins, while in places where the skin is thick, we have the presence of spider veins that look like thin red lines scattered in a spider web formation.

Spider Veins Treatment Lexington KY uses special fluids that are injected in parts of your body that is affected by this problem the most. It fills the pores and breaks the clogs that were previously formed within the veins.

Spider Veins Treatment Lexington KY

Spider veins and stretch marks often come combined, and if you lost weight, then gained, and then again lost weight, you will have this problem. Of course, we must determine the nature of this problem, so if the problem has more medical nature, then you need to consult with your physician. Some severe cases of varicose and spider veins can only be solved via operation. Besides the most successful treatments that include injections, you can also use some special body creams and lotions.

Spider Veins Treatment Lexington KY is suitable for both women and men, and the entire treatment lasts for no more than one hour. It does not hurt at all, and later, you will receive special instructions on how to maintain those areas.