The In-game Purchase Was Never Easier

Your parents often tell others the story of how you were only interested in games as a child and how you only played them. How you weren’t interested in anything else and you didn’t want to go out and play with other children because computer games were just more interesting.

They may be exaggerating a bit but the truth is that online games have always interested you and one day you wanted to make your own. That day has come, you have studied hard and now you have that opportunity but you will need help and BlueSnap is there for that reason.


In the end, anyone can play online games, but making one is an extremely difficult and long process, even when you know what to do, let alone when you are a novice who is making it for the first time. Nowadays it’s a little easier to make a good game because now there are a lot of platforms that are there to make the whole process easier for you. You may understand the structure of the game but you certainly don’t understand the in-game purchases and that is where BlueSnap comes in. You want your players to be able to easily buy what they want in the game and this platform allows just that. They let you embed a customized hosted page and also a hosted shopping cart.

With their platform you can also offer discounts to your players and what is most important is that they support global currencies, different payment types, languages so everybody can experience and enjoy your games. And they made sure you didn’t have to worry about safety because this payment platform has great fraud prevention, so all in all this platform is perfect for you.